We gave away a McLaren Mercedes F1 steering wheel

We gave away a McLaren Mercedes F1 steering wheel

by braden ulvild

We gave away an Amalgam McLaren Mercedes MP4-22 F1 steering wheel

Over the summer we ran a giveaway for a very special piece of F1 history - a 2007 Amalgam Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Mp4-22 Formula 1 steering wheel. The exact one Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso used during the 2007 F1 season.

We opened the giveaway up to anyone and everyone all over the globe, racking up over 2,000 entries in over 30 countries in the process and yet to our surprise (and especially Bernie's - the winner), the randomly selected winner just happened to be a local here in Vancouver. BC. 

A simple handover of the wheel to Bernie would quickly turn into an epic night in the city filled with great conversation and great food with the guy as his positivity and kind being was just a pleasure to be around. His story is intriguing and powerful in the best of ways. 

Hope you love this piece as much as we did, Bernie! It was a hard one to let go. We’ll definitely miss it! 

To everyone else who entered - a mega thank you to all of you. This won't be our last giveaway, so stay tuned! 

A piece of F1 history

Hand built in England by the Amalgam Collection and one of only a handful made by the team, this fully functional wheel utilizes the very blueprints provided by McLaren and is absolutely swathed in carbon fiber and Alcantara.



Authentic F1 steering wheel replicas like this one are extremely difficult to come by and when they are found they are crazy expensive, so a huge shout out to our friends at the Hall Of Fame Collection for sourcing us this piece.

For those who may not know, HOFC just happens to be one of the finest memorabilia shops in the world, and are located in Burlington, Ontario Canada. Check them out!