To a lot of people who don’t follow racing, on the outside it may look like cars are just going round and round, in circles. Starting and stopping in the same place.

    The more you get into racing, though, the more you realize how it’s about so much more. With each and every single lap, the drivers are pushing themselves to their mental and physical limits. The cars are being pushed to their performance and engineering limits. And altogether, the teams are pushing the sport and technology to new heights.

    Every single day, every single race they’re constantly learning, growing, and redefining the limits of what’s possible.

    Parc Fermé is about integrating that very same ethos into your own life. Go out, live your dream, pursue whatever it is you want to pursue, and constantly be learning, growing, and redefining the limits of what’s possible, for you.

    “The “round and round, in circles” capsule blends luxury streetwear technique with motorsports culture, the art and message depicting a creative love letter to life and how it aligns with motorsport’s ethos: round and round, in circles, while also low key honouring a respectable nod to Comme Des Garçon’s Play. 

    The end result - a timeless collection of 4 pieces that earns its place in luxury streetwear consisting of signature bespoke fabrics and a boxy yet tailored fitment.

    Upholding their commitment to paying it forward, a portion from each item sold goes towards the 'Parc Fermé Foundation' where they’re sending young motorsports fans - fans who otherwise would not have the opportunity to experience a race themselves through their own means - on the race experiences of their dreams.”

    - Yamato Fukugawa, HB Magazine Japan.